At Dempster Property Services being proactive in our approach to your property care is a top priority. We firmly believe that we can provide you the best value by carrying out our property inspections during our routine services, and together we can form a plan to continue to improve your property and avoid costly issues that could arise if left unattended.

Our friendly staff are very experienced in looking after all aspects of your property and always have an eye out for any issues that may arise, these will be regularly reported back to you to keep you up to date with your properties condition and suggestions for improvement.

Our Manager Adam Dempster has many years’ experience in helping people and their properties to ensure both are cared for. His work both here in Australia and abroad has given him a robust view on what value means and he now brings that to you, our Property Care Partner.


Dempster Property Services is a family owned company set up to provide affordable property solutions to the client while maintaining assets to high standards, no matter what the condition.


We deliver this through five behaviours: